Hello World

Customized military hat that my loving successors prepared as a present for my discharge.

Little to no internet access during my mandatory military service in Korea got me to forget about billing my former VPS hosting service. The VPS then deleted itself and my previous blog that was hosted on it. I kept no backup.

This is especially disappointing because after getting discharged from the military, I've been having much fun digging through my past emails to recollect on my civilian self two years ago.

This blog is my second attempt at successfully logging myself for future reference. I am going to post thoughts, stories and ideas. Topics will be on programming, product management, IT career, Chinese app market or anything else that triggers my interest.

Some of the highlights of my previous blog were

  • Product manager internship experience at WeChat, Tencent.
  • Unconventional but completely relatable mobile app user behavior in China.
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